Whats really being said about Your Brand?

  • Social monitoring platforms are ubiquitous.

    They aggregate results. They provide pretty charts. They even enable you to respond to queries... but they don’t tell you everything.

  • Stats are useless without expert analysis.

    PSONA Social’s SMR service helps you to draw relevant insight from the data, at a cost comparable to that of a social listening tool.

  • My Social Media Reputation

    Offers you everything you need to make sense of what is being said about your brand in social – everything from a dashboard and competitor analysis to easy-to-digest reports.

We give you thorough insight on All Social Channels

  • Where the key conversations are taking place. Where threats to your brand’s reputation exist and how they can be managed quickly.

  • What positive and negative trends are being discussed by key influencers.

  • What techniques and content you need to build positive momentum for your brand in social spaces.

  • How you can influence and amplify these conversations to boost positive advocacy.

  • How you can align these techniques with your wider marketing activities, and, crucially...

  • How you can quantify the value of social media marketing.

And on top of that: Human Analysis

  • Info on your competitors. What are they doing better than you? What mistakes are they making? And what effect this is all having on your brand.

  • A popularity index, out of 100, to benchmark the comparative popularity of your brand and its competitors.

  • The best automated sentiment systems are only 60% correct. We personally analyse the data to boost this accuracy to over 80%.

  • We provide you with the results in a monthly report.

  • An intuitive daily alert system that can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Real time social monitoring, so you can see what’s going on right now.

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